032223CM0127SPRINGFIELD – With the intention of expanding the civil liberties of individuals on probation, a measure to establish additional stipulations for court orders towards individuals on probation sponsored by State Senator Robert Peters passed committee on Wednesday.

“Individuals sentenced to probation should be afforded the same liberties as ordinary citizens, as long as the liberties are unrelated to the circumstances that landed them on probation,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Alleviating restrictions on cannabis drug use under supervision for those on probation is a positive step toward true reform.”

Currently, a court can order a person on probation to refrain from using drugs, including substances such as alcohol and cannabis that are legal in Illinois.

Senate Bill 1886 stipulates a court cannot order that a person on probation, conditional discharge, or supervision refrain from having cannabis or alcohol in his or her body unless the presence of an intoxicating compound is an element of the offense charged or the person is participating in a Problem-Solving Court.

“By definition, probation means a person is released for good behavior under supervision,” said Peters. “A person who has demonstrated good behavior shouldn’t be punished for engaging in legal activities.”

Senate Bill 1886 passed the Senate Executive Committee and will now head to the Senate floor for further consideration.