Last week, I spent time in Springfield progressing legislation and successfully passed four bills out of committee. Watch the video below for more information on my bills that will be headed to the Senate floor for consideration.

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030723CM0228SPRINGFIELD – A measure sponsored by State Senator Robert Peters that redefines assistant state's attorneys, assistant public defenders and assistant appellate defenders as non-managerial employees passed the Senate Labor Committee on Wednesday.

“Outlining the rights of both public employees and public employers eliminates confusion,” said Peters. (D-Chicago). “Clear-cut definitions ensure the protection of public safety for Illinois residents.”

Under current law, a managerial employee is defined as an individual who is engaged predominantly in executive and management functions and is charged with the responsibility of directing the implementation of management policies and practices.

Currently, the state grants public employees full freedom of association, self-organization, and designation of representatives of their own choosing for the purpose of negotiating wages, hours and other conditions of employment or other mutual aid or protection.   

“The ability to negotiate wages, hours and other conditions of employment, are critical employee rights,” said Peters. “Preserving these rights consequently ensures the protection of the rights of all employees.

Senate Bill 2371 passed the Senate Labor Committee and will now head to the Senate floor for further consideration.

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022223CM0091SPRINGFIELD – A measure that would create a Property Tax Payment Plan Task Force to study establishing a payment plan program for owner-occupants to repay delinquent property taxes sponsored by State Senator Robert Peters passed committee on Wednesday.

“Generational wealth in minority communities is often held in homeownership,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Housing stability and financial prosperity for our most vulnerable families should not be at the mercy of high interest rates when paying off unpaid taxes.”

Senate Bill 74 stipulates the task force be comprised of 18 members, 16 of which will be appointed by the governor. Senate Bill 74 also stipulates co-chairpersons of the task force be appointed by the President of the Senate and by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

According to Housing Action Illinois, 25% of people owe less than $1,000. Additionally, 95% of homeowners end up redeeming their delinquent taxes under the current system and paying extremely high interest rates.

“Seniors and those with disabilities are unfortunately more likely to be behind on property tax payments,” said Peters. “Working with our most vulnerable citizens facing financial hardship is a more effective way to reach the end goal than yielding to cutthroat investors looking to exploit our most vulnerable residents.”

Senate Bill 74 passed the Senate Revenue Committee and will now head to the Senate floor for further consideration.

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030723CM0262SPRINGFIELD – Juvenile court service fees will soon be discontinued thanks to a measure sponsored by State Senator Robert Peters, which passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

“Court fees can quickly add up, especially when fee amounts are unstable,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Accumulating thousands of dollars of debt is catastrophic for youth and their families.”

Under current law, courts can charge fees and fines to youth and their parents for juvenile court services that can range from $25 to over $800. According to Stand for Children Illinois, claim practices are inconsistent from county to county and perpetuate economic injustice, especially for low-income youth and youth of color.

Senate Bill 1463 also provides that if community service is ordered by the court, it must not interfere with school hours. The measure is similar to legislation passed in California, Nevada, Indiana and Texas.

“Inconsistent fees are a clear sign of ineffective and biased policies,” said Peters. “Dismantling policies that aid in economic injustice empowers our most vulnerable communities.”

Senate Bill 1463 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and heads to the Senate floor for further consideration.

Category: Press Releases

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